Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Musts, No. 3

Hey guys!

I saw Monday Musts over at Kimberly Faye Reads (originally done by Lovin' los libros) and thought it looked perfect for my lazy self like a lot of fun! All you have to do is share your Must Read, Must Listen and Must Watch for the week.

Must Read

This was such an amazing read! 5 stars and quickly earned a spot on my "Best of 2017" shelf. The narration was spot on, and I honestly think I prefer this series to Kate Daniels. 

Must Listen

The music to this song is so gorgeous. 

Must Watch

Working my way through season 1 of Supernatural, and it's been the only show I've watched lately where I can watch episodes back to back without getting twitchy. Normally I'm too ADD to binge watch. ;)
Feel free to suggest any Netflix shows! I'm open to most anything, but my favorite shows so far have been this one, How I Met Your Mother, and The 100. 



  1. Hmm....I also loved How I Met your Mother! I think I would recommend either Young and Hungry or Baby Daddy-- those are two sitcoms I love watching on Netflix :)

  2. I should watch Supernatural. I need a new show too binge!

  3. Love Supernatural and totally agree White Hot rocked.