Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Movies

Hey, everyone!

It's Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and The Bookish! This week is a movie freebie, so have free rein with the silver screen! 

This was a really tough topic for me, since I'm not a big movie watcher at all, so today's topic is a mix of favorite movies and maybe-want-to-watch-it movies and it's short. Like, very short. 

Total guilty pleasure. 

Favorite movie!
A shit book with poor acting and no chemistry, but the first movie was so bad it can only get better from here.
I cannot see Emma Watson as anything other than that Harry Potter girl, but I'm a bit curious to see what they do with this remake. 

Told you I wasn't a movie person!


  1. I used to be a big movie person in my teens and 20's, but movies have taken a back seat to books, and also it has gotten way too expensive. I'm dying to see Beauty & the Beast. It is my favorite Disney movie. I've never seen Easy A! But I love Emma Stone. Pretty Woman definitely makes my favorites list.

  2. I don't watch a lot of movies anymore. I am more of a TV binger. I LOVE Easy A though. SO goood!!

  3. I don't watch many movies anymore that aren't kid friendly so my list would be short too. I am curious about the Beauty and the Beast remake too.

  4. I need to watch more movies as well!! I should rewatch Easy A, I don't remember much of it anymore :(

  5. I'm very excited for Beauty and the Beast. I've seen Emma and Dan Radcliffe in many films since HP, so I can differentiate well but I know it's weird for some. LOL

    I LOVE Easy A too.

  6. I am beyond excited for the B&B movie!! Pretty Woman was good, I still love the classics though.