Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book Shelves: Organized! + I'm Now on Facebook and Instagram!

Hey, everyone! Yesterday I showed you the before of my shelves, and today I have you the after! Before I get to that though I want to do a quick mention that I'm now on both Facebook and Instagram! Instagram is quickly becoming an addiction for me. ;) You can click on either button to the right to go to my pages. 
Top shelf: random hardbacks and others that either don't fit into a specific category, I don't have enough of them to make a designated space, or they're overflow from another spot.

Second shelf L to R: smut, contemporaries (both adult and young adult), few that again don't have a specific place. 

Third shelf: paranormal/paranormal romance. 

Bottom shelf: crime/mystery/detective (and my dogs' flea and heartworm prevention)

These are almost all crime/mystery. 

Young adult. Top shelf: paranormal/paranormal romance, a random dystopian, and science fiction. This shelf didn't get touched since if you breath near it it'll crash down!
Second shelf: paranormal romance, vampires. 

Third shelf: paranormal romance, science fiction of some kind or other.
Fourth shelf: paranormal romance, dystopians. 

Favorites bookcase, top shelf. The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovitch. 

Favorite bookcase, second shelf. Humans of New York, and books by Karina Halle. If you can't tell, she's my favorite author. ;)

Favorites bookcase, third shelf. Favorites with no rhyme or reason. There's contemporary, erotica, post-apacolyptic and I'm-not-yet-sure-what-you-are. 

Favorites bookcase, fourth shelf. A few novellas, urban fantasy, paranormal romance. 

The last three shelves in order are:
To be read
Really enjoyed, but not favorites.
Photography and dogs/dog training, plus my library basket.

Come back tomorrow for a book haul! 

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  1. I love your book shelves! That's awesome! I need more actual books. We moved around so much that Vince got tired of moving heavy books and got me a kindle. LOL