Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Book Friday

Hey, everyone!

I'm cheap thrifty. I love deal hunting, and for the most part I hate spending money; books, nail polishes and dog products being the notable exceptions. I love when I find out about free books, mainly through BookBub and Aesta's Book Blog's Facebook page. If you aren't using and following those two, go do it!
Since I love when I don't have to spend money, I'm dedicating Fridays to share with you the free books I've gotten for my Kindle App throughout the week. I haven't read all of them, but I book hoard. Here's this week's!

Club Private - M. S. Parker

The Woodlands - Lauren Nicolle Taylor
Taste Me - Alessandra Torre
Want It Bad : A Kinky Romance - Melinda DeChamp
That Night With My Boss - Hellen Cooper
Darker Things - Rob Cornell
Killing Honor - S. M. Butler
Against the Dark - Carolyn Crane
Dream On - Anne Conley
Grounded - G. P. Ching
The Tycoon's Revenge - Melody Anne
Ruin Me - Jessica Sorensen

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