Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Amazon Box is Better Than Christmas Morning

Hey, everyone!

After being on a self-imposed book buying hiatus, I am back to splurging on every piece of writing I can get my hands on, and it feels so good. I splurged a few days ago, and ordered around 15 books. Well, I say splurged, but since I did order half of my haul on discounted websites, I'm telling myself I snagged deals.... Denial's not just a river in Egypt, and all that.

While I was perusing various book related Facebook groups, I discovered two websites that I really shouldn't be looking at: Book Outlet and ThriftBooks. Oh my god! Discounts, discounts everywhere! Before I knew it, I had three orders placed at Amazon, Book Outlet, and ThriftBooks. Ooops.

My Amazon order came yesterday (I'm trying out Amazon Prime, and I think I need it in my life. Seriously, free two day shipping is incredible, and I know I've spent way more than the $99 or whatever it is just in book shipping this year), and I'm a bit embarrassed at the squeal I let out when my tracking update said "delivered". Not only did some books come, but... I bought the newest Kindle Paperwhite. Real books will always win with me, but I have to admit that this thing's pretty damn sweet.

I still have 11 other books to be delivered, but here's my current book haul:

Stinger - Mia Sheridan
The Offer - Karina Halle
Kyland - Mia Sheridan
The Stars Never Rise - Rachel Vincent
King - T.M. Frazier 

Have you snagged any good books lately? Where's your favorite place to buy books?

- The Bibliophile Babe


  1. I generally buy the ebooks via Amazon, but I bought a book on Book Depository the other day! :D I'm excited to get it in the mail soon.

  2. Yay for the Kindle Paperwhite!!!! I love mine so much, you're going to LOVE IT!

    Great book haul, too. I have Kyland and The Offer awaiting me on the Kindle. ;)

    I've also found sweet deals at and Book Depository. Not to be an enabler or anything. LOL. I usually get my books from Abe or Amazon. I'm a total Amazon junkie, but I love it.

  3. YAY FOR SPLURGING! I absolutely would have squealed when the box showed up as well. Hope you love your new Kindle and of course your books!

  4. Yeah for awesome Amazon stuff. I can't live without my Amazon Prime account. I can't tell you how many times I order something I need right away and have it at my door within two days. It is so convenient. So many benefits to Prime. You can't go wrong.