Friday, October 9, 2015

I Regret Nothing: Book Haul!

Hiya, ladies!

I've a book haul for you! I've been really good about buying cheap physical books and eBooks only lately, and getting the biggest bang for my buck with my little book budget. I'm working like crazy (who decided 5am mornings were a good idea?!), so I may just reward myself with a book buying spree soon. Plus, there's several releases this month I just have to have!

Can I just say that I freaking love the whole Whispersync for Voice thing Audible has? It's epic! I can get books I probably never would've read on the black hole that is my Kindle, and listen to them while I walk and run in the mornings. It's great! I think the most I spent on an audiobooks this month was $2.99. I think this entire haul was under $35.

Audible Haul

This was my Audible monthly credit

I've read this, and I have the Kindle version...and the paperback version. Now my collection is complete. I like to have all my favorites in each format.  Hush, we all have our book quirks! :p

Loved this narrator's voice! He was the perfect Ansel. 

Kindle Haul

Remember the thing about wanting every format? Here's another example.

This author wrote one of my favorite smut books of the year  (Priest - click for review!), so I had to snag this at $0.99!

This and Menagerie were my biggest splurges this month.

Physical Books

These should be here tomorrow!

I wasn't kidding about needing all types of the book. 

This cover is vile, but I've heard good things about the author!

- The Bibliophile Babe


  1. That is some awesome audible haul for only $35!!! Hope you enjoy all your books!!

  2. WOW!!! Go Amanda! That is a heck of a haul my friend! Can't wait to read your thoughts on Menagerie, I have high hopes for that one and am planning on starting it soon:) And, as I'm sure you will, enjoy Curran!

  3. What a book haul ! And your quirk is completely understandable ;) I love the "I regret nothing" title !

  4. Now that you have the audiobook book, check your library. You can get audiobooks through Overdrive delivered right to your email. It works fantastic. Glad to see you trying the Mercy Thompson Series, it is one of my favorites.

  5. What a great haul! What a great price. You can shop! :) Oh and your biggest spurges were worth it IMHO. :D

  6. I am really curious about Menagerie - hope you enjoy it! It looks like you got some great books. :)

  7. The Addicted series is freaking perfection!!! I need all of the books in PB since I only have them on Kindle :/ I can't wait for Long Way Down in November!!! So excited.

    Kaleidoscope Hearts is a great story. Paper Hearts is also amazing and packed with feels. I hope you enjoy :)

    Stacking the Shelves #64

  8. wow thats quite a selection! do hope you enjoy them

  9. Awesome haul..I love Briggs and yeah to more Kate Daniels!