Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie to Grant Me

Hey, all!

Thank you for the well wishes about the abandon puppy yesterday! She went to the vet yesterday, and while she has a laundry list of medications and a long road ahead of her, she's expected to make a full recovery! Her name is tentatively Kismet...at least for now!

Today's Broke and The Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday topic is 10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie to Grant Me. This can be brining a certain character to life, your dream library, a new book from an author, meeting an author, whatever you fancy! It's a really fun one this week, and pretty limitless!

10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie to Grant Me

10. Unlimited Funds to Buy Books

Self explanatory. 

9. A Sunny Spot To Read

I like the between the windows bookshelves, too!

8. A Complete Re-do of The Last Night Huntress Book
No. Just...no. I wish I'd never read this one! It was so out of character and just wrong. 

7. The Play by Karina Halle to be out RIGHT NOW!
I need this. Now. 

6. A Chance to Meet All My Favorite Authors at once!

Karina Halle, L.H. Cosway, Courtney Cole, Ilona Andrews, Colleen Hoover, Jeaniene Frost, Aly Martinez, Karen Marie Moning, Alice Clayton, T.M. Fraizer... it'd need to be a full blown party.

5. Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante Redoing The Fever Audiobooks 1-3

Those two narrators did Dreamfever and Shadowfever, and couldn't be a better team. They became the characters! Gigante's voice for Barrons is to the ears what porn is to the eyes, all deep, rumbly deliciousness. <3 I am not a fan of the first three books' narrator at all, and I'd kill to see them redone!

4. While We're On a Fever Kick, Bring Barrons to Life and Give Him to Me!

Barrons just might be my all time favorite book boyfriend! I always picture him a bit like David Gandy, for some reason. 

3. Oh yeah, and I want Bones, too!

Who doesn't love that dirty, hilarious, adoring Brit? I'm not sure who I'd cast for him. Hmmm....

2. My Favorite Books in Paperback/Hardcover, eBook and audiobook!

I love having this, but it's freakin' expensive.

1. More Hours in The Day For Reading!

- The Bibliophile Babe 


  1. Um. Amanda. I quite like you and love visiting your blog, but if you attempt to take Barrons and Bones from me I will TAKE YOU DOWN!!!! I fight dirty. And by dirty I mean the only thing I'll probably do is pull your hair because I can't fight to save my life. Still, be afraid ;-)

  2. Great list! Unlimited funds would be amazing. SO many books and book things to buy. More hours!! Absolutely! I would love dedicated undivided reading time. Maybe one day!

  3. Totally agree to having a redo of the Fever audio redos, and more time to read and more quiet time and someone to write all my reviews.

  4. Oh yes, definitely need more time to read! I'd love to meet all the authors I love all at once; one big party!

  5. I am here for the puppy!!! So glad to hear she is getting better and I love Kismet, a great name!

  6. Okay so funny story about the name Kismet.. That's how I met my husband. I had a rabbit named Kismet and there was a cute boy that just moved in across the street, I saw him out walking his dog and I got my rabbit out and went out and asked him if he wanted to pet Kismet. He did and the rest is history. :D I'm so glad you found that little girl and are taking such good care of her!

  7. Oooh, I like the between-the-windows shelving, too. Very pretty. Here in hot, sunny Arizona, I'm always wishing for a reading spot with LESS light. Ha ha.

    Happy TTT!

  8. MONEY. Plenty of money will get you more books, a sunny spot to read and unlimited time to read. Solves all your problems!

  9. I am so glad Kismet is doing better. I hope everything continues to go well for the her. Unlimited fund for books--most definitely! I would love a reading nook with sunshine pouring in--or where I could watch the rain as I read . . . More time reading is a must. :-) Great list!

  10. Your 5 is how I feel about Reduman. She can never stop doing the audio for Ilona Andrews..Kate Daniels and the rest I would die, just die.

  11. Definitely more hours in the day!!! And unlimited funds... and a sun room. And meeting my fave authors at once!!!! aahhhhH!!!