Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Sunday Post/It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hey, everyone!

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Ugh, I'm so glad this week is pretty much over. It's been really crappy all around, between caring for the emaciated, mangey puppy I found on the side of the road, having four trips to the vet, working, having no energy to write blog posts, and getting a nasty cold. I'm freakin' beat. 

If you missed the post about the puppy, go right up there ^^ and click that link to read about her. She's being called Lucky right now, and has been here a week as of yesterday afternoon. She had an awful week, too! A vet visit on Monday diagnosed her with a wealth of problems: 
- Demodex mange (not contagious to other dogs or people)
- Completely emaciated
- Tape and hookworms
- Yeast infection in both ears
- Yeast infection in her left paw pads
- Massive pressure sore on her rump
- Anemia 
- Dozens of oozing cuts and sores
- Conjunctivitis in both eyes
- Ridiculously long nails

She had a worming shot as well as her rabies. She was prescribed medicated ear wipes, ear ointment, eye ointment, medicated shampoo, medicated skin spray, hookworm wormer, antibiotic, and Ivermectin for the mange. The vet thinks she's between 5 and 8 months old, and is a Great Dane mix. She weighed in at a skeletal 23.8lbs.
Late Tuesday afternoon she developed severe balance issues and what looked something like a seizure. Repetitive jerking of her head and body, roaming gaze, but she was alert. Rushed her to the vet that evening, and he said it thankfully was not a seizure. It was some kind of vestibular disease issue causing the tremors. Could've been brought on by any number of things, from too much medicated to too much food to fast to just an inherited quirk. She had blood drawn and had low levels, but not that unexpected for a dog in her shape. We quit most of the meds and were told to be very watchful of her.

Wednesday she was still twitching and couldn't stand unassisted. Brought her back in to the vets, and spoke at length with the head vet as to whether or not it was cruel to keep trying to save her. In their opinion, they thought she could be saved. It would just take a lot of time and care. So long as we didn't see her worsen, they thought she had a fighting chance. 

Thursday there was no change, aside from her being a bit more alert. Friday came, and with that our recheck at the vet. They noted she was much more perky and alert, though still couldn't stand at all. They checked her blood again, and were thrilled to find her levels had risen 3% since Tuesday evening. She'd also gained 1.5lbs! She had her nails trimmed, and they sent us home cautiously optimistic. 
I was getting very, very discouraged. I started questioning myself if it was fair to keep her like this, unable to even stand and looking miserable. Spent most of the day wanting to cry. That afternoon I'd given her a small bowl in her crate and left the door open while I filled up her water bowl. I heard a scrabbling sound behind me, turned around, and saw Lucky walking towards me completely unassisted!! I couldn't believe my eyes! She couldn't stand without face planting that morning, and here she was walking. Slowly, but surely. 
She's still walking well, and her tremors have lessened hugely. Her progress in the last day and a half has been staggering. We have a recheck with the vet on Friday, but I'm completely confident in her recovery!

My body does not handle emotional stress well, as I've found out. Physical stress is fine (I just eat...everything), but emotional just saps my immune system. I developed a nasty cold Wednesday evening, and am still battling the damn thing. My throat is so raw from coughing it hurts to to even talk. Ugh. I'm on the mend, but my god does this suck. I am not one of those people that can sleep in when sick. Oh no, I've been up at 6:45-7am without fail. I need a nap!!

My steps have been awful this week, between being at the vet's during my evening walk time and being miserably sick, I've been moving less than I have in a long time.

Sunday - 12,633
Monday - 6,771
Tuesday - 19,582
Wednesday - 14,180
Thursday - 9,181
Friday - 6,145
Saturday - 11,505

Total - 79,997 

Read This Week

There's been no time for reading this week!

4-ish star read. Review should be up this coming week!

Currently Reading's still here, through no fault of its own. 

Not too far into this one, and not sure how I feel about it. I'm not sure if the hero is an idiot, a douchebag, or both. 

What Will I Read Next?

Not a clue!

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  1. OMG, Lucky is so lucky to have found you. You have really been through the ringer with emotions but I am sure pup will make a good recovery!

  2. I am so glad to hear Lucky is improving!! How incredible she is!! And she's so blessed to have you taking care of her. I'm sorry you're not feeling well and hope you feel better soon!! Don't worry about your steps. I have had the flu the past two days and my steps are the worst they've ever been. You have to take care of yourself!

  3. I'm so glad Lucky is doing better! I hope you feel better soon!! Colds suck so bad!

  4. Oh I am glad to hear Lucky is doing better. I can't imagine the stress you feel with all that going on. I hope you feel better!! Can't wait to hear what you think of Menagerie.

  5. Glad your puppy is doing well. I hope you feel better, though. <3

  6. Poor puppy, I'm really glad you took Lucky in though!! Hope she's in tip top shape soon!

  7. Aw, I'm so glad that Lucky seems to be getting better - slowly but surely. I can understand how you would be worried about what to do, but it's nice that she's getting better and you won't have to make any hard decisions (hopefully).


  8. OMG I'm so sorry about your puppy but I'm glad she's doing well. I'm so happy you picked up Kaleidoscope Hearts and liked it!!