Monday, April 17, 2017

Books from My Childhood

Hey guys!

Today I want to share some of the books from my childhood. I saw this idea a couple weeks ago and thought it was really fun! These are from ages 4 to mid-teens.
I've always loved stories, and my mom read to me quite often as a child. I really struggled with reading and couldn't decipher anything more than the bare basics (fat cat on a mat type things would leave me in tears of frustration) until around 11 years old. Then my mom got me my first audiobook, and within a few months, everything clicked and I could read anything and everything with ease. It opened up a beautiful world!

This is one of the first books I remember my mom reading. I loved this edition for the illustrations, and the fact that the book belonged to my great grandma. 

Being read this book is actually my first really clear memory. 

The start of the audiobook love.

My aunt and I are only four years apart, and anytime I stayed over we'd read these books. 

One of the first books I read after figuring out how to read.

As godawful as this book and series is, I owe so much to it. It's what really, really sparked my love of independent reading, romance, and the obsession that comes with an addictive series. 

What about you? What books did you enjoy as a kid?



  1. Great post!! I used to love reading Fear Street by RL Stine, Sweet Valley High, and The Babysitter's Club. Then Twilight really got me back into reading later on in life. :)

  2. Since I am a bit older, my books from childhood are a bit different. I loved all the Beverly Cleary books, Little Women, Tuck Everlasting and the Great Brain series.

  3. Love this post!! I owe Twilight so much too!

  4. :) I remember reading the Harry Potter book in middle school. Brings back good memories

  5. I read almost anything as a kid. My parents steered me away from adult themes, but didn't forbid it. I was more into kid fantasy anyway. So anything to do with that I devoured. :) Good list here. Totally would say HP but I was an adult when I read it. LOL

  6. I love this idea. I read the Harry Potter books as a kid - right when it came out so I was about 7 I guess? I loved reading already, but these soon became a fast favorite. I read MOST of the Sisterhood books; those were great.


  7. What a great post! It brought back some great memories for me.