Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: What Makes Me One-Click

Hey guys!

It's Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and The Bookish! Today's topic is ten things that will make you instantly want to read a book (trope, covers, recommendations, ect). I'm doing a mix of things, all of my go-to guilty pleasures, so let's jump right in!

10. Friends to lovers

My #1 trope.

9. Pretty covers

Because I'm shallow. So shallow. 

8. Hot guys with dogs

Because again, shallow. And a dog lover. And a hot guy lover. ;)

7. Douchebags that really just have no filter and are actually sweet

I find them absolutely hilarious and endearing.

6. Any kind of travel

It's my favorite!

5. Hockey players

I've never played or watched hockey, and I have no idea how it's played. That said, it's my favorite type of sports romance!

4. Irritation Sparking Romance

I love when one or both people is annoyed by the other but they still have an attraction. That tension!

3. Road trips

I personally hate driving, but I love reading road trip stories!

2. Vampires

Blame it on Twilight really sparking my reading obsession.

1. Mountain Men

Rugged, outdoorsy men are so enjoyable. ;)



  1. Mountain men! Welp. I don't think I've read of one but now I want to. Haha. You're so bad for my wallet!

  2. Road trips!!Yeah pretty covers are bad for my wallet. I agre with hockey - I don't actually like the sport but they are the best sport books!!

  3. I don't really have a set type of book I like to read but I am a sucker for pet owners. They have to be nice right?? lol

    For What It's Worth

  4. Mountain men! Friends to lovers, too! And I love the irritation sparking a romance ones, too.

  5. I have to say yes to all of these as well haha :D Great list!

  6. A great list. I tend to look for humor a lot because I don't feel like there are enough humorous, light and fluffy books out there!

  7. I really do love friends to lovers!! :)

  8. Ooh rugged men are a great hook.