Monday, May 2, 2016

April Recap

Hey, everyone!

I can't believe we're in May already! It's time to recap what I read in April, check in on the challenges, and share my favorites. :)

April Reads

Total - 13

2016 total so far - 58

Challenge Updates

55/130 - 42% complete
I did drop my goal down by 20 books, since I don't think I'll be reading too much this fall/winter while in Europe.

Blood Games
Dark Debt
One With You
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Midnight Marked
Monster in His Eyes

Total - 7

Total so far - 29

44 Chapters About 4 Men
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Monster in His Eyes

441,445 steps/ 198.8 miles / 75.4 hours 

Ack, so good! I can't wait for the next one!
Amazing! It was everything I wanted and more. The third book on my Best of 2016 List, and it's the second from Emma Chase!
I was really surprised at how much I liked this one! I found the hero fascinated, and it forced me to look at the heroine with a new perspective. Very engaging!

Biggest Disappointment
I really didn't enjoy this one at all. 

Made Me Laugh My Ass Off
Total guilty pleasure, but I laughed so hard I cried. 
So enjoyable and relatable! I loved the "did she really just say that?!" humor. I want this chick to be my BFF.

Favorite Protagonists
Merit is a favorite of mine!
Jake is so freaking amazing!

Most Intriguing 
This one left me thinking!

Book Boyfriend of The Month
Jake, for the second month running!
I love him. I want him. Seriously, he's officially in my all time favorites book boyfriends. 


  1. One of these days I'm going to have as good a reading month as you!! Lol.

  2. Great month! I haven't done my monthly recap yet. Gah. I'm so lazy nowadays!

  3. You've read some really good ones in April :D

  4. You had a great reading month for sure! Here's hoping May is even better :D

  5. You rocked April! Your steps also rocked.

    I also can't believe it is May already!

  6. Awesome month!! I love Jake too :) Have a great May!

  7. Awesome job with reading in April! I just hit 50 books for the year on Goodreads, and I'm stoked!


  8. I'm hoping I won't need to drop my GR goal, because I'm lagging. You read some great books, though.

  9. You are doing fantastic and quite a few of these are on my must read list!!

  10. So many friends recommended me Monster in His Eyes, but for some reason I’ve never picked it up. Thanks for remaining me about this book.