Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Sunday Post/It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hey, ladies!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a fun weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date where we share what we've read and reviewed over the past week and what we plan to read next. 

A busy work week, but with plenty of nice weather! Instead of the upper 80s of the past few weeks, this was low-mid 70s during the day, and the 50s at night. So perfect! We're creeping back into the heat, but it was lovely while it lasted.

I did a massive clean out of all my things in order to prep for the upcoming European voyage, and it felt so good. So much stuff was just clogging up everything, and it was incredibly liberating to sell and donate it all. The increase in space, plus the focus on things I truly enjoy, is great. I no longer want anything I don't love. Less is more in that regard, but I would love to splurge on a few quality items. We'll see what comes next!

I haven't been reading books too much lately. Between researching destinations, planning, and attempting to get a basic grasp on Italian and French (the Rosetta Stone method does not work for me. That's not how I learn. I'm having much better results with learning things that will actually be relevant, such a how to order food, pleasantries, ect), my nonfiction reading has dropped like crazy. I actually don't mind too much, but I'm going to try and bring it back up.

While I love the health benefits of being fit and active, and what it's done to the rest of my body (fantastic legs, if I do say so myself ;)), I miss my boobs. Yesterday I wore one of those super-pretty-but-basically-useless lacy bras (you know, the kind with no underwire, thin straps, next to no coverage?) under a thin tank top out in public. Before getting fit, I could have never taken my tatas anywhere outside the house without underwire. Sigh. From a very generous C to a small B. Damn it. 

Steps this week:
Sunday - 11,968
Monday - 11,755
Tuesday - 11,487
Wednesday - 17,351
Thursday - 19,994
Friday - 13,471
Saturday - 11,875

Total - 97,901

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{Mini Review} Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower

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le Sigh. I do love this author's smut. It's porntastic in the best way.
3 stars!
4 stars!
Interesting, a bit scary, and action packed. I'm not much for YA, but this was good! Bitch of a cliffhanger, though.

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Is it bad to say I kind of prefer Adrian to Dimitri? 

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The cliffhanger doesn't leave you much choice when it comes to picking up the sequel!


  1. Yas! I approve of your decluttering. :) It's even more satisfying to see the empty space those things used to occupy. I've got a long ways away still, considering I've just moved an entire house into my house. *sobs*

    Have a great week!

  2. I need to get rid of so much stuff. I always feel better when I do - I just need some time. Your trip sounds like it will be amazing!! Have a great week!

  3. that's great you are decluttering and getting ready for your big trip! How fun. Getting fit is great, but I know a lot of people that would hate to lose their chest too. For me? I wouldn't mind being a bit smaller - I think they hurt my back more often than not. haha


  4. I love getting rid of stuff. I do a major clean out of my house about twice a year. Feels so great!
    Lol, I hear ya on the tatas. I have completely lost all of mine in the past year. There is just nothing there anymore, pretty sad!

  5. You have a great haul this week! :)
    Happy Reading! <a href="”>Dani @ Paulette’s Papers</a>

  6. I need to do a clean out too! I like your idea of getting rid of the stuff you didn't love.

  7. You got some good looking books this week! Hope you enjoy them.
    Check out my Sunday Post