Friday, December 16, 2016

A Very Merry Christmas Survey!

Hey, all!

I saw this post over at Rebel Mommy Book Blog and then again at Brandie is a Book Junkie, and thought it looked fun! Original post from Lindsay’s LibraryDecember is my favorite month and I would like it to slow down a bit to savor the Christmas feels, so I'm excited to do this tag...survey...this.  Also, the colored text won't go the way I wanted it to. Damnit. Let's go!

Favorite Christmas song/s?

Carol of the Bells! I also really like Baby, It's Cold Outside (Dean Martian version), It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (Michael Buble version) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Cat Power version; the one that was in that Apple commercial a year or so ago). And I will admit that Last Christmas (Wham! version) is my guilty pleasure.

Favorite Christmas movie/s?

Um. I'm not a big movie person, so...none? #embarrassed

Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch or Charlie Brown?

Frosty or Rudolph. The Grinch is eh (those Whos are annoying!) and I can't stand Charlie Brown. 

Best or most memorable Christmas gift you've ever received?

My dog, Nola. 6 years ago this month. Hands down, best gift I ever received, even if I didn't get her on Christmas day (early December instead). She's changed my life and has opened so many doors for me, showed me a passion I didn't realize I had, and helped me through the darkest point in my life. Because of her, I've been able to make dogs my real, actual job.

The second would be my first DSLR camera!

Real tree or artificial tree?

Both! The main tree must be real, but I like having artifical ones scattered about the house. Thankfully my cat isn't an asshole about messing with the real tree, though she does have a strange fascination with the fake one.
I'm watching you. 

What tops your tree? Angel? Star? Bow?

It's a bush. A Christmas bush. With a star stabbed in there and cockeyed as hell.

When did you stop believing in Santa?

I never did believe in the first place? My family never really did the whole Santa thing; not for any religious reasons, it was just something we didn't do. To be honest, I find the whole Santa concept a tad creepy. #introvert #Don'tComeInMyHouse #SorryI'mWeird

Do you send out Christmas Cards? Do you do photo cards or traditional?

I do...of my dog, and to other dog people. Part of that whole dog-is-my-job thing. ;)  Photo cards all the way!

Do you have a favorite type of Christmas decoration - snowman, trees, village, ect?

The Christmas Dachshund!

Do you have any sentimental decorations or ornaments?

Every year since I was born, my mom found one Christmas ornament and saved them, so that when I was an adult, I'd already have some. They're very special to me!

White lights or colored lights? Big old fashioned lights or mini lights?

White! Both on the tree and for outside. I'm not opposed to a little color, but I like a "white Christmas" (in Florida...). Um, they're just normal lights so...I guess old fashioned?

When e do you start decorating for Christmas?

Usually the day after Thanksgiving, though the past two years it's been so hot that it's more around the first or second week or December. 

Favorite Christmas treat?

I don't eat sweets made with sugar (honey or maple syrup instead; my body just does not handle actual sugar well), but my mom makes some bangin' maybe syrup based fudge. 

Do you like sugar cookies? Gingerbread cookies?

See above. I do like the occasional healthy gingersnap cookie, though.

Do you have hot cocoa  or hot chocolate? Do you like warm chocoately beverages with marshmallows?

Um... there's a difference? I like tea when it's cold out.

What do you eat at your Christmas feast?

Usually ham, pasta, ect. 

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or wait until Christmas Day?

Christmas day. 

Favorite Christmas-y scent?

Christmas trees, cinnamon, and oranges/citrus. December is the month you get absolutely mouthwatering citrus here in Florida, so that smell is always holiday-ish for me. 

I mean look at that! Perfect grapefruit, and the taste is amazing. 

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

One of my favorite parts of Christmas as a kid was driving or walking around to look at Christmas lights, and it's still my favorite today.

Yup...that's a sailboat at the marina!

If you could ask Santa for any Christmas gift this year - and you know he'd bring it - what would it be?

Money, so that we could move now instead of this coming spring. While he's at it, enough money to live comfortably, travel the world, eat and explore for the rest of my days.

That said, I'd totally settle for a kitten (my cat wants a friend. And by my cat, I mean I want another one) or a yellow lab puppy. ;)


  1. Yay glad you did this too!! Santa really is creepy. That is why so many kids cry around him!!! Love your puppy so much That decoration of the dog is great too!!

  2. PUPPY! KITTY! Totally get that one, but I've never gotten a pet as an gift on the day either. I think that is a good thing. My cat wasn't an asshole about the tree except for once when she first discovered she could climb it. After that she climbed it but also came down without disturbing anything or crashing the whole thing. LOL

  3. That's so cool you have a job devoted to dogs. How fun, and Nola is so cute! I'd love a cat but my dog would NEVER go for another animal. haha


  4. Aww, how sweet is Nola!! So glad you did this, too! You need another kitten in your life. ;)