Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 16 of 2016: Favorite Couples

Hey, ladies!

I'm so excited to participate in Kimberly Faye Reads' Top 16 of 2016 event!

Today's topic is your favorite couples of 2016, and because I am a unabashed romance junkie, this was the one I was most excited about. There were so many great couples this year, lemme tell you. #shipping
Let's jump right in! This isn't in any order, by the way. I love em all equally! Well, except for numbers 5 through 1. They stole my heart.

16. Charley and Reyes

I just love these two together. The banter, flirting, and the lifelong connection between them gets them every time. Plus, you know, Reyes. 

15. Jamie and Claire

To be perfectly honest, I prefer TV Jamie and Claire to book Jamie and Claire. I don't know why; maybe it's because I watched first, or because I feel like Starz fleshed out their romance more (in season 1, at least...). That saying, I still loved these two!

14. Amanda and Blake

These two were beyond hilarious, clever, and their chemistry practically scorched my Kindle. Plus, it was quite pleasant to have a character sharing my name. ;)

13. Adam and Diana 

This book...holy wow. I've read more than my fair share of BDSM, but since the woman has always been the sub and that's just not my personal thing, I've never been able to see the draw of it past  "that's sexy". This book, however, really peeled everything back and showed why and how it worked for the heroine, and considering the first half was Adam's POV, that was truly astounding and fascinating to read.

I do admit to getting the song "Dirty Diana" stuck in my head while reading this, though. 

12. Kate and Curran

I love them on their own, and I love them together. Their history, buildup, and just the solidness of their relationship makes me love this amazing series all the more. They rank right up there with Cat and Bones and Mac and Barrons for my all time favorites. 

11. Chance and Aubrey

I'm a sucker for unconventional first meetings, and this was the perfect mix of  funny, sexy and sweet.

10. Josh and Nastya

A stunning book in every single way, and the romance was perfect for how the story unfolded. The narrators infused so much life into their roles and did a spectacular job, too!

9. Callie and Devin

The title of cutest couple goes to these two!

8. Jade and Shane

Without fail, L.H. Cosway delivers when it comes to her couples. Each and every one sweeps me away and make me feel everything they do. She's a wildly gifted author, and these two had such an unconventional meeting and story together!

7. Alex and Violet

A compete guilty pleasure, but I have was literally breathless with laugher while reading this and Forever Pucked. Laughed. So. Fucking. Hard. So hard.
Hahaha. That's what she said. I amuse myself and Violet and Alex share my sometimes lowbrow humor. ;)

6. Keelyn and Nassir

Intense, passionate, sexy, and surprising in the best way possible.

5. Jake and Chelsea

These two hit you so hard in the feels, it's unreal. One of my favorite books of all time, and I want Jake. 

4. Lark and Tiras 

Possibly the most enjoyable relationship progression of the year. 

3. Libby and Killian

I love a good rocker romance, and the way sex and music were so woven into their relationship was a blast to watch. It made the recording, writing and preforming such a sensual experience!

2. Sophie and Gabriel 

I was sold on them from the first scene, and loved them without fail from start to finished. 

1. Roman and Elisabeth 

Sweet holy Christ, this story. This couple. 


  1. Gah so many good ones. Jake and Chelsea are such a great couple!! Love Josh and Nastya too.

  2. Great list - lots of good ones!! Lark & Tiras made my list, too. I need to read Marriage Games, but I'm waiting for the sequel!

  3. So many of these I need to read ASAP :D I agree with you on the few I have read though!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I tend to forget people's names when it comes to single books - even if I really loved them. haha

  5. So many great books/couples on your list! I have Smut on my TBR list and I'm hoping to read it ASAP! Love this post! xoxo

    Talina @ Sassy & Dangerous

  6. Sophie and Gabriel! Love those two. :) I need to check out the other couples I haven't met yet. I think I'm going to find some great romances from your list.