Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Sunday Post/It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hey, ladies!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a fun weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date where we share what we've read and reviewed over the past week and what we plan to read next. 

Christmas is in a week. A freaking week! The holidays have flown by far too fast, and I'm not ready for it to be over yet. At least it's been fun!

Not much happening this week, aside from the yearly Secret Santa exchnage with the family, which was fun and adorable as usual. 

The weather is beyond frustrating. One day it'll be in the low 60s with low humidity during the day and 32 at night, and the next it's pushing 80 with high humidity. It's impossible to acclimate to!

I've decided to join in on some of Kimberly Faye Read's top 16 of 2016! I haven't decided which topics to do yet, but it sounds so fun!

Sunday - 9,833
Monday - 11,135
Tuesday - 8,210
Wednesday - 9,562
Thursday - 13,211
Friday - 12,019
Saturday - 11,043

Total - 75,009

This Week's Recap

Coming Up

I Messed Up Book Tag

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree

Waiting on Wednesday

TBR Thursday

Cover Lust, No. 49

Read This Week

1 star!
This was atrocious. Truly atrocious. I don't think I'm a motorcycle club kinda reader. Don't take my word for it though, since there's a 4.64 rating on Goodreads!
5 stars!
Such a pleasant surprise here! I usually don't like historical, anything with the faintest bit of fantasy, or 3rd person, but despite that, I loved this one. 
3 stars!
Sexy, quick read. Bit of a rushed ending, though.

Currently Reading

So...I'm around 60% through with this, and while it's a decent story, I'm not blown away by it. 

What Will I Read Next?



  1. It is crazy how fast the holidays are going! That wetaher would drive me nuts. Sorry you aren't loving The Hating Game :( Have a great week!

  2. I can't believe Christmas is in a week either. It's so weird! haha


  3. I need the weather to stay cold for awhile. My sinuses can't take the up and down.

    Can't believe Christmas is this weekend!! I feel like it was just early November and I was starting freak out about it coming too fast! Lol.

  4. A lot of people seem to have enjoyed The Hating Game. I have to admit I had it but gave it away - I think!

    And yes... a week until Christmas, how did that happen?!

  5. Bah. I'm sad you're not blown away by The Hating Game. Love, love. Oh well to each to their own and what not. :)

    Happy reading!