Monday, July 18, 2016

Creatures of The Night Book Tag

Hey, everyone!

Today I'm doing the Creatures of The Night book tag! I have nothing else to post about, and have been diving into a series, so no reviews, plus I'm lazy.

I'm a big paranormal/urban fantasy fan, so what better tag than sharing my favorite creatures of the night? Let's go!

1. Vampire

Bones, because...Bones. One of my favorite book boyfriends of all time, and a bad ass vampire.
Vlad's not too bad, either!
Also my favorite vampire series, thought the ones in the Kate Daniels series intrigue me. Same with Laura Bickle's Hollowed Ones series. 

2. Werewolf 

I like a good chunk of the wolf pack in the Mercy Thompson series!

3. Zombie

Haven't read too many zombie books, but this is my favorite!

4. Ghost

Favorite ghostly series, and it's made me sleep with the lights on.

5. Witch/warlock/spell-caster

... I can't think of any witchy books I've liked.

6. Fairy/Fae

Fever series!

7. Demon

This is a wildly entertaining and unputdownable take on demons, and oh my god, I just realized the next book is out in less than a month!

8. Angel

Such a guilty pleasure series. 

9. Alien

Not an alien fan!

10. Superpower Human

I'm not sure what to call Kate, or if she's entirely human, but that's one bad ass chick!
Also, I want a sword. And a Curran. 


  1. Fun tag! I used to read a lot of paranormal/urban fantasy books, but it's been awhile. I love Molly Harper's take on vampires.

  2. I think the only author I haven't read is Karina Halle. AND you listed her twice. Yea, need to check her out. As for the rest... I agree! :)

  3. Love these, need to check out KHalle still though!! Also that angel book needs to go on my TBR.

  4. Fun tag!! I am surprised I haven't read any of these. I didn't know Karina Halle did zombie books!

  5. I would so fail at this tag. Lol. I can only name a few.

  6. Love me some supernatural creatures. Donner of the Dead looks good.