Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me

Hey, ladies!

It's Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and The Bookish! Today's topic is Ten Facts About Me, and those can be bookish, general, or whatever you fancy. Let's go!

10. I couldn't read until age 11

Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but not by much. Up until the age of 11 or so, reading was a huge struggle for me. I couldn't move beyond the most basic of words, and even that was hard. The words didn't make sense, their sounds confused me, and I was so frustrated that I'd wind up crying every time I tried to work on it, and dreading it every day.
I hated reading with a passion, hated that my mind craved something more advanced, but I could not move past where I was. It felt like there was a block in my mind that wasn't letting me access the way I needed to learn to read. As a bright child in every other aspect of life, I felt stupid that I couldn't learn this most basic element.

Then, my mom got me my first audiobook. And everything changed. Without the pressure of reading myself, I could fall into the stories I wanted. I learned structure, pacing, pronunciation, and so much more. I fell in love with books, and wanted to learn more. Within a few months, I went from struggling with "fat cat on a mat" type of books, to devouring Romeo and Juliet, Pet Semetery, Harry Potter, Twilight, ect, completely cutting out the middle learning experience. One to the other, with no adjustment period. I'm so thankful for those audiobooks, and a mom who knew when to let me go at my own speed. 

9. Fake pregnant bellies creep me the fuck out

Anytime someone is pregnant in movies or on TV, it makes me cringe to think of that fake pregnant belly suit thing. I don't know why, but seeing it makes my skin crawl. I'll turn off whatever's on if I see one! 

8. My dog is my part time job

No, literally! And not just because she's a diva and a handful.  In addition to this blog, I write a pet-centric blog chronicling life with Nola, my miniature Dachshund. Believe it or not, it's my part time job, and actually makes a good bit of money.

7. I want a horse, even though they make me wary

When I move, I want to get a horse. I have a very healthy respect for those large, powerful creatures that sometimes borders on slight fear. However, that doesn't stop me from wanting one!

6. I hate to drive

I like going places, just do not enjoy being the driver. At all.

5. ADHD doesn't begin to cover it

I can't for the life of me focus when it comes to doing any form of writing, and that's not a good thing when you write (or attempt to write, anyway) two blogs. This post has taken me way longer than it should have, because YouTube! Reading! Food! Music! Need to stretch! Gotta brush my teeth!

4. Inappropriate on a spectacular level

That's me! 

3. Raunchy books crack me up

It's no secret that I love smutty novels, and read quite a few of them. Partly because, well, smut, and also because they're just so funny. The descriptions make me smirk, or flat out laugh out loud.
For instance, I was reading the third Outlander book yesterday, and came along a line that said:
"He was mightily roused"
And laughed and laughed. In front of my mother, sister, and youngest brother. Then proceeded to text that passage to my mom to share my mirth over it. We have an unconventional relationship, haha.

2. I can't stand silence

Can't stand it whatsoever. I always have music, an audiobook, the TV, ect going if I'm not around other people during the day, and a fan on at night, or I can't sleep. Call it a byproduct of growing up as the oldest of 7!

1. Clothes never fit me right

This has been a lifelong problem. Clothes never fit me right! Despite what magazines would have you believe, clothes aren't built for thin people, especially ones with no hips or butts, smallish chests, and long limbs and torsos, despite being average height. I'm constantly tugging up my shorts and jeans, pulling down my shirt hems, and pushing up fallen sleeves and tank top straps.


  1. I'm reading A Court of Mist and Fury. I snorted when she referred to her clitoris as "a bundle of nerves". And then I cringed. Lol.

  2. That is awesome that your other blog makes you money! Plus your dog is so cute!!! I hate driving as well. If I don't have to I don't!!

  3. Yes..smut makes me giggle and wow..your Mom is awesome.

  4. <33 smutty books! And omg your dog is adorable :D Also glad your mom thought of audiobooks, that's so smart!

  5. Aw, cute dog! That's great you get money from that blog. How fun! That's great your mom knew to get your audiobooks so you can really enjoy books! Great idea!!! Ugh, I hate shopping for clothes. I keep reading about how tailoring is the way to go because most clothes you buy in stores won't fit various shapes.


  6. #10 made me a little misty-eyed. That's awesome that your mom helped you find a different way. I think that's important to remember for anyone who struggles.

    Your dog is so cute! I have a wiener too. :D

    I've had and showed horses all while growing up. I don't have much time for it anymore. But nice relaxing trail rides are fun. Hope you get one!

  7. Sexy time in books can also make me have hysterics especially when it is related to as sexy time!

    #4 Made me laugh.

    I am off to find your other blog as even though I am a cocker spaniel mum my furry family will not be complete until I own a wiener dog!

  8. That’s awesome that you can make money from blogging. I also had a hard time learning to read as a kid.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!