Monday, September 26, 2016

Book Haul!

Ooops.... I did it again! #SorryNotSorry

Woman going through a divorce runs off to Italy, and it's awesome.
Such a happy book!

Western smut, I think?

Small town romance...that's all I know. :p
Surprise pregnancy romance!
This was so good!

Romantic suspense, I think? I don't know, it's Aly Martinez so I auto-bought it. 

Forbidden second chance romance, I believe? 

Historical romance...I don't know if I'll get around to reading this one or not, but it was on sale!

Friends to lovers is my favorite!

That title...enough said. 
Romantic fantasy, beauty and the beast retelling. 
Um pilot romance, maybe?

Motorcycle club romance, I think. It's been on my TBR a while. I hate these covers!
I don't know what this one is, haha. I just went through my TBR and picked books that needed to be moved on up. 
Second chance romance

The cover's pretty and it's suppose to be good. That's all I know! Another TBR pick.
I wasn't a big fan of Stuck Up Suit but adored Cocky Bastard, so I'm curious about this one!

Every time I read one of these books, it reminds me of how much I adore this series!

Rockstar romance, though for some reason the cover makes me think football romance. 




  1. I keep hearing how good the Aly Martinez book is - so I bought it too. And the second book comes out tomorrow - I love not having to wait!

  2. What a haul. I love the Kate Daniels series as well. Happy week!

  3. What a great haul! I did enjoy Cruel Beauty and I think Ilona Andrews is a must. :)

  4. Wow lots of books!!! I can't wait for Roman Crazy!

  5. So much awesomeness in the house! I am waiting for my audio of KD, and gobbled up the audio of Well Hung..because Sebastian York!!

  6. Playboy Suit was good! I hope you'll enjoy it. :)