Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: 8 of The Best Audiobooks

Hey, girls!

It's Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and The Bookish! This week's topic is an audio freebie - you can do favorite audiobooks, favorite narrators, favorite albums, books you want to be audiobooks, whatever you fancy.
I'm doing 10 of the best audiobooks (in my opinion). A good audiobook is one of the best ways to read; a good narrator can make a mediocre book good, and a good narrator makes a great book such an intense experience. Let's jump right in!

In no real order....

 8. Chicagoland Vampires series (from book 6 on) - narrated by Sophie Eastlake

Sofie Eastlake isn't my favorite narrator, but she works incredibly well as Merit in this series!

7. Sweet Filthy Boy - narrated by Shayna Thibodeaux

This narrator really became Mia!

6. Addicted to You - narrated by Erin Mallon

Perfectly captured the intensity of this series. Mallon is a favorite of mine, since she adapts well to different roles.

5. Charley Davidson series - narrated by Lorelei King

If you haven't read this series yet, I highly suggest trying the audiobooks. They're fantastic! If you've already read them, try an audiobook reread!

4. Fever series (Dreamfever to Burned) - narrated by Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante

This is one of the best audio performances around. Each narrator nails their part, and each character has a unique voice. I absolutely adored how the man read all the male parts, and the woman read all the female parts, and it becomes such an interactive experience between them.
Also, Gigante's Barrons voice? Holy shit. He could talk you into an orgasm.

3. Kate Daniels series - narrated by Renee Raudman

I don't care for this narrator in any other series but this one is perfect!

2. Night Huntress series - narrated by Tavia Gilbert

My very favorite audio series! Each and every character has a completely unique voice, and it's so vivid!

1. Sustained - narrated by Sebastian York

That man's voice is hot. That is all.



  1. I NEED to hear Bones and Barrons! NEED TO AMANDA!!!!!

  2. I am very familiar with many of the narrators. I adored Phil Gigante and Natalie in the Fever series, but now they don't do it since Phil got into trouble. However, Luke Daniels does a great job. He is awesome. I just listened to Confess narrated by Sebastian York and really loved him. Lorelei King on the Darynda Jones series is one of my favs. Great picks.

  3. I thought Charley was narrated by Lorelei (the last name escapes me)? I could be wrong. Anyone of these narrators with like a British accent? Lol.

  4. I've only had half of these and completely agree, can't wait to add the others ;)

  5. I really need to try an audio book again!

  6. These sound awesome! I need to get more into audio books!

  7. Ah York...anything he narrates really. Yes, even though I have an arc of newest KD book, I have to listen first!!