Monday, October 17, 2016

Romance Trends I'm So Over

Hey, everyone!

Do you ever read a book and feel like you've read the same thing ten times before? I've had several of those reads lately, and it sparked some serious annoyance with popular book tropes. ;) Let's jump right in!

We can't be together...because of your brother

You know, the brother's best friend romances. The vast majority of these grind on my nerves for two reasons:

1. Who wants to be with someone that can't come out and say you're together? You're either a pussy or you're ashamed, and neither sits well with me.

2. I have three brothers. If any of them pulled the type of behavior the book brothers always pull, heads would roll. 

I love them, but...;)

We can't be together...because of my deep, dark secret you can't handle knowing.

Secretiveness isn't sexy. It's not intriguing. It doesn't make me want to rip my clothes off. It just annoys me.
Also, don't decide what I can and can't handle. 

Our love is strong....until 70% in.

I would love to read a contemporary romance where the couple doesn't break up three quarters of the way into the story. It's every. single. contemporary, and is usually over something seriously stupid that could've been avoided with a single conversation.

I'm not pretty, but all these men are drooling over me.

"I'm so average, so plain, nothing special at all. Just ignore all these ab-tastic men vying for my affection."
Confidence, girl. My god.

Baby mama drama

This may be my least favorite, and for reasons too numerous to list. 


  1. Lol, I couldn't agree more! Especially the secret one and the miscommunication one. I HATE when 75% into the book there's some stupid conflict that could be avoided if they just flippin talked! UGH! So annoying.

  2. These are great and I so agree!! "I'm not pretty, but all these men are drooling over me." is the one I hate the most!

  3. *snort* I agree with all of the above!

  4. Agree and agree. I am so over the romances where they have to break up or get mad and stop speaking around 70%. I just read the first book in the Wedding Belles and that happened and it totally annoyed me.

  5. Oh gosh, I agree with all of these but especially the "plain jane who all the hot guys love." It's like, no, she's obviously pretty. Who are you kidding? haha

  6. LOL, yes miscommunication makes me pull my hair out. I tend ignore baby mama drama books, now if its adult and the woman is widowed or man is with a child I can handle it. For some reason my Facebook has been slammed with sponsored ads about I am having his baby, I got prego on purpose romances and I am clicking hide, don't show me.

  7. I hate self-sacrificing idiots who are willing to walk away from the loves of their lives for their own good. Bitch, please. Stop being a martyr. Lol.

  8. LOL! Yea, some of those tropes really get old fast.