Monday, August 8, 2016

Burn, Rewrite, Reread Tag

Hey, everyone!

I had nothing to post for today, since I'm just about finished with It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and I'm working out how I'm going to do that review, so....tag time!

I found this one over at Rebel Mommy Book Blog, and it's the Burn, Rewrite, Reread tag. Three rounds, books picked at random, and for each you pick three books from whatever Goodreads shelf you choose, and you have to decide which to burn, which to rewrite, and which to reread. Let's go!

Round 1: The "Read" Shelf

The Burn. I just didn't like this one!

The Rewrite. Lots of potential, just needed something extra.
The Reread. So creepy. So good.

Round 2: The "2015 Reads" Shelf

The Burn. This was okay, but not my favorite. I found Lola annoying, and she yanked poor Oliver around too long. 
The Rewrite. I totally would've killed off Jace.
The Reread. Loved this so much!

Lots of blue covers. :D

Round 3: The "2016 Reads" Shelf

The Burn. I'm generally a big fan of the Ritchie twins' work, but I didn't like either of the main characters in this one.

The Rewrite. I loved the first half of this book; it was phenomenal. The second half started going into "are you kidding me" territory. 
The Reread. Gotta love Kate!


  1. Oh, I love this tag! I might have to steal it someday. :) I can't handle the angst of the Ritchie twins, so the books sat unread in my Kindle.

  2. Yay this tag is so much fun!! I actually haven't read any of these but I have read M. Leighton before and wasn't a fan.

  3. Oh what a fun tag! I do like this idea. I need to try some of these tags someday. I just tend to forget! haha


  4. I pretty much never reread, I can never find the time.

  5. LOL! I love this meme. So much fun. Totally need to continue my Kate Daniels series!

  6. Dark Wild Night wasn't my favorite either.