Monday, August 15, 2016

The Olympic Book Tag

Hey, everyone!

I've seen the Olympic book tag going around a bit lately, and while I'm not much for the event (I'm hard pressed to name a single sport....), I thought the tag looked fun!

This rockstar romance had the perfect mix of swoony hero, spunky heroine, hot sex, and good banter, with enough heart and sweetness to give me the feels.

....Um. I don't know if I've read a road trip book? I've read travel, but not road trip. 
Hm. Need to rectify that.

This was the only love triangle I didn't absolutely hate...probably because my guy won and I couldn't stand the other douchecanoe.

I don't get any of this author's work. It's just so bad.

Summer in Paris, with Ansel? Sign me up!

I want to be Kate when I grow up. 

Overly dramatic and downright ridiculous? Yes. Lots of ridiculous and dramatic plot twists? Yes. Addictive? Yessssss.

It takes a lot for a book to make me sob (unless a dog dies...then I'm bawling), because I'm fairly soulless. This book, though, made me ugly cry. 

I'm glad I watched the show first, or I never would've kept up with and fallen for this book. It doesn't really pick up until around 45-50% in, and it's like 800-some pages. 

I adored this series as a child! I was convinced my first dog was going to be a Beagle named Shiloh...and she wound up being a Dachshund named Nola.

Pit Bull rescue!

I almost didn't finish the first book in the Fever series because I could not stand Mac. It's surprising, because now it's one of my all time favorite series!

Charley and Cookie have one of my favorite friendships ever!

Like I said, couldn't name a sport if I tried!


  1. Totes agree with Kristen Ashley's books. They're awful. And yet, she's so popular. I don't get it either.

  2. I have never read Kristen Ashley but I think I will skip them now. I so need to read that Darynda Jones series!!!

  3. Fun tag - thanks for sharing! I saw some of handball going on yesterday and it's an interesting sport..haha

  4. I want to be Kate when I grow up too! haha

  5. Fun event. I can't think of anything I have read in awhile that featured an Actual Olympic sport. You did great putting this together.

  6. Oh what a fun post. Oh man... I just got Magic Rises from the library (audio) and I cannot wait to dive in (heh... swimming!). Btw, I totally want to read "The Play" now. Pit bull rescue? SO in!

  7. For your last one, Pucked!! :P Hockey is a sport! :D

  8. What a fun post, I do need to try King

  9. Such a fun post! You reminded me I really need to read Darkfever. Why can't I have more time to read!?