Monday, August 1, 2016

July Recap

Hey, ladies!

Wow, I can't believe we're already in August! July was a truly terrible reading month for me. Only 6 books read! Two were from the Outlander series though, so I'm telling myself that each of those is worth three books. Hoping August is better, and it should be given the awesome new releases this month!

Books Read

July Total - 6

Total so far - 88*
*including rereads

Challenge Updates

84 of 130/65% complete/9 books ahead of schedule 

The Curse of Tenth Grave
Cream of The Crop

Total for 2016 so far: 39/goal met

Knight and Play
Dragonfly in Amber

353,539 steps/157.3 miles/55 hours


Biggest Disappointment

Book Boyfriend of The Month

Jamie! Even if he was a bit infuriating in this one....


  1. Yeah the Outlander books count as way more! I need to pick them up but they are so big!! Hope you have a great August!!

  2. I would definitely say the Outlander ones count as three each. I haven't read them, but they are quite large! haha

  3. One of these days, I'll have to give the Outlander books a try. Seriously. Outstanding month, Amanda!

  4. I need to grab the Outlander series!

  5. I don't understand how July went so fast! Hope you have an awesome August -- happy reading :-)


  6. It's been a terrible reading month for me as well Amanda, I don't even think I made it to 6. I think I'm at 4. *sigh* Oh well, I'm hoping August is a better month for me too!