Monday, March 6, 2017

February Recap

Hey guys!

Time to do the February recap! Last month was a decent reading month, though it was marred towards the end by a wicked reading slump (which is thankfully over). Rereading old favorites always gets me through a slump.

I've still yet to read a book to add to my "Best of 2017" list, so please feel free to share any blow-you-away type of reads!

Books Read

Total - 11

31 of 100 books read/31% complete/14 books ahead of schedule 

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

0. I fail at this. 

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
Third Grave Beneath My Feet

The One That Was My Favorite

The One That Was Outside My Comfort Zone and I Wound Up Loving

The One That Left Me So Conflicted

The One With Too Much Angst

The One With The Best Narration

Book Boyfriend of The Month
Barrons. Duh. 


  1. Great month!! I'm glad you got out of your reading slump.

  2. Which reminds me that I haven't done my February recap! BAH.

  3. Great month and glad the slump is over!! I am stinking at the Shelf Love one too!! Hope you have a great March!

  4. I am glad you are enjoying the Charley Davidson series. I love the audiobooks. I think the third book is still one of my favorites. I am listening to Feversong right now and not sure what to think.

  5. Looks like you rocked it. Oh and I LOVE the Charley Davidson books on audio. My fave way to go for that series.

  6. Glad to hear your slump is over :) Had some good books!!

  7. I'm glad reading old favorites got you of your slump! It looks like you did really well though. :)

  8. I've read a few that might make my best of list, January was a good reading month for me. How Will I Know You? was good and so was A Darkness absolute by Kelley Armstrong.

    Looks like you had some good reads though! Glad the slump is over.

  9. I love Jone's books. You did well. I hope March rocks for you and your challenges :)