Friday, March 17, 2017

Five Things Friday, No. 2

Hey, ladies!

I've seen the Five Things Friday posts on KimberlyFaye Reads and Brandie is a Book Junkie, and they're some of my favorite post types, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Also, I'm lazy and was getting bored of Cover Lust. ;)

Let's jump right in!

1. Book of The Week

Conflicted on this one, but it's been an ADD reading week so pickings are slim. ;)

2. New to My Shelf

3. Fun This Week

The most bipolar weather we've had in months hit us this week. In the space of a few days, it went from 82 to 50, with nighttime temps hitting freezing. Half the flowers in the yard froze!

Sunday was spent raking the front yard (which is something like a half acre), and while I was sore that night, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up without any discomfort. That is the total opposite of last year, so...yay for yoga!

Aside from work, nothing much happening this week aside from being absolutely starving all day, every day, and all night, all night. I am very thankful for healthy eating and a fast metabolism this week. #justsayin

4. Pic of The Week

Happy St. Patrick's Day! My dog doesn't actually hate me, I promise. 

5. Looking Ahead

Work, work, work, work, work.



  1. I need to do one of these posts. I've wanted to do it for so long!

  2. Yeah the weather is nuts here too. Your dog is so cute and all red for St. Patty's day. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Our weather is about the same days of pouring rain with a hint of sun and then more pouring rain. Love your dog picture. So cute.

  4. Aw, fun! Your dog is so cute!


  5. Oh yay I need to get Souljacker still!

  6. How adorable is your pup!!
    Our weather is so bizarre this year, too. We got dumped on with snow yesterday. After months of decent weather. I'm over it already.