Sunday, June 21, 2015

Recent Free Books

Hey, y'all!

Between BookBub and Aestas Book Blog's Facebook page, I happily hoard books on my Kindle app every single day. It's embarrassing how many books I download, without regards for ratings (covers, on the other hand, are a different story), when I see the glorious word "free". It's a bargain hunter and a bookworm's wet dream, I'm telling you.
Since I'll be busy today with my parents for Father's Day, today's just going to be a quick post on a few of the free Kindle books I've downloaded this week. It's not all of them, since that'd just be embarrassing, but these are the ones that sound most interesting.


New adult contemporary romance I believe. I nearly bought the paperback version of this a few months ago.


Goodreads says it's an adult contemporary romance novella.


Goodreads says it's a new adult contemporary dark romance. I hadn't a clue was it was about before this post; I picked it just for that cover. Hello, abs. Hello, arms. Hello, delicious pecs. 


This is a young adult dystopian. I burned myself out a bit with the dystopian genre and haven't liked one since finishing Marie Lu's Legend trilogy, but this sounds interesting...and free.


Pure smut. 'Nuff said.


New adult contemporary romantic suspense (say that three times fast). Surprisingly highly rated!

- The Bibliophile Babe

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  1. Love free reads! Thanks so much for sharing these!