Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Challenges I'm Joining In!

Hey, ladies!

There's so many fun challenges this year! I didn't join in on any challenges last year, aside from the Goodreads Reading Challenge, so I'm changing that this year. Here are the challenges I'm joining in!

Rock My TBR Challenge 
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I am horrible about hoarding books on my Kindle, and even on my physical shelf. I'll buy them, plan to read them, and then that damn book ADD kicks in, and I'm off to the latest shiny book that's caught my eye, leaving books to collect the proverbial dust on my Kindle. 

The Rock My TBR challenges you to read a minimum of one book from your TBR shelf per month, and then share what you've read at the end of each month. This one shouldn't be too hard!

Audiobook Challenge 2016
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I love audiobooks, and I'm so excited for this challenge! I started listening back in...September, maybe October? Anyway, I listened to 33 in 2015. For this challenge, I'm going to try and go for:
Binge Listener (Why read it when someone can read it for you) - 20-30
I'm already down one, and am listening to another!

#FitReaders Challenge
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I'm already tracking my steps, and figured this would be a fun way to keep up with it!

Goodreads Reading Challenge  

I've set my goal to 150 books this year, over 100 less than I read in 2015. My stipulation? Keep my average at 3.5 stars or higher. I'm going for quality over quantity! 

What about you? What challenges are you participating in this year?

- The Bibliophile Babe


  1. I like to see what challenges people do! I'm also taking part in Rock My TBR because I have SO many books just sitting around - and these are mostly physical books, so taking up WAY too much space in my house haha


  2. I am also doing the Rock My TBR challenge and GR challenge. I was thinking about the audiobook one. I love audiobooks now so much! Good luck!!

  3. I completely fail at challenges Amanda! Whenever I stay I'm going to do one, it's like I then decide to spite myself and don't want to read anything that would fit the challenge parameters. Fail. I hope you show all these challenges who's boss!!!!

  4. I am the worst about keeping up with Challenges so I have pared back and only do the Goodreads and audiobook challenges. I should sign up for more, but I know that I won't be good about tracking them.... fail. Good luck with your goals!

  5. I joined GR and audio. Might have to take a look at the fit readers one!! :)

  6. Good luck my friend, I love the audio challenge too,

  7. I’m so bad with challenges, Amanda. I’m a very mood reader. Though these sound interesting. Yay for audiobooks, I love them and happy to find a fellow audiobook-lover in you. As for tbr-challenge, I read a lot of backlist books as it is. Good luck with you challenges!