Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Sunday Post/It's Monday, What Are You Reading

 Morning, everyone!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a fun weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey where we share what we've read and reviewed over the past week and what we plan to read next.

This Week's Recap


Book Review: Burying Water by K.A. Tucker

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

The Book Courtship Tag

Book Review: Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway

Perhaps another book haul?

Recently Finished

3 stars.

5 stars. Review is posted above. 

3 stars. 

This is some damn hot smut right here. 3.5 stars.

3.5 stars.

A romance featuring a straight drag queen. It was certainly interesting and thought provoking! It's one of Cosway's earliest books; the writing is a bit shaky in some spots, and it has its fair share of typos, but still an enjoyable read. 

5 stars. Review should be up tomorrow.

Currently Reading
Only a few chapters in, but liking it so far. I'm a huge fan of the author's Soul Screamer series, as well as The Stars Never Rise. She has such an engaging and entertaining style. 

What Will I Read Next?

Hell if I know. ;) However, I'm anxious to start these:



This will probably be what I wind up choosing. I've heard nothing but amazing things!

The Bibliophile Babe 


  1. Hi there! I really want to read your blog on a regular basis, but I see you're not on Bloglovin'? I'm wondering if you've ever consider this blog reading platform? It really is convenient for other people to read your blog. I hope you'll consider it. :)

    In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy your books!

  2. I liked Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series but haven't read any of her books for adults. Blood Bound sounds kind of interesting. How to Love sounds good too.

  3. Ohh I don't think I've read Blood Bound by RVincent yet. Can't wait to see your thoughts!

  4. Crushed is "some damn hot smut"? I'm in! lol Have a great week!

  5. Ooo some good books, I hope you enjoy them!

  6. I hope you're enjoying The Edge of Never, if you started it. One of my favs! I also loved Ten Tiny Breaths. I'm behind on KA Tucker books - I need to read more!