Monday, August 3, 2015

July Wrap-Up

Hey, guys!

How is it already August?! This summer (this whole year, actually) is just flying by, it's insane. Slow down!

July was the busiest month this year as far as work, though it was still enjoyable! I got to hang out with my best friend who was visiting from Colorado, had some fabulous beach trips and equally fabulous family time, and added a Cockatiel to my little gang of pets, so now it's four dogs between the ages of almost five and six months, and a bird. Fun times!

July was also the month I finally broke out of my reading slump that'd had ahold of me since....May? Anyways, so glad that's over. Here are the books I read last month. It started off with two smutty stories, so I guess you could say...July started off with a bang. ;)

July 2015:

(Review coming soon)

(Review coming soon)

(Review coming soon)

(Review may be coming soon)


4 short stories, 15 full length novels, 3 5 star reads (yay!), 9 ebooks, 10 real books. This puts me at 167 books read this year towards my goal of 220, 76% complete and 39 books ahead of schedule. I'm consistently staying about 34 books ahead of schedule, so that's fun!


Biggest disappointments:

Best smut:

Most surprising:

Best protagonists:
Amber McLean.
Alexis Clark. 

Worst protagonist:

Book boyfriend of the month:
Oliver King. All the feels!

- The Bibliophile Babe 


  1. I am incredibly impressed with your book read count this month! Wow! That's awesome. And you are making me want to read Racing the Sun asap.

  2. I'm in awe of how many books you read this month! I think I've read 8 maybe? If that. *bows down to your speed reading* Definitely need to read Racing the Sun and re-read Easy. I loved that book so much:)

  3. Busy month :) Looks like I need to get King of Hearts!

  4. YaY! No more slump! I also know what you mean! The time is flying by!

  5. I have the Star Never Rises and need to crack it open. You had an awesome month!