Monday, December 14, 2015

Confession Time

Hey, ladies!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good, with one long work day and a great lazy day of reading.

We all have our own little quirks when it comes to reading. Whether it's a guilty pleasure or your weird OCD tendencies, everyone has their own quirk. I'm always curious to read these types of posts when others do them, so here are mine!

1. Bookmark? What bookmark?

I hate bookmarks! I always loose them, and they inevitably fall out of my book and make me miss my spot. 

2. I shamelessly dog-ear...but only the top right page

My books are full of dog eared pages, and I love the way it looks. You'll only find the pages turned down on the top right page, though! It drives me nuts when I check out a library book and the left pages are dog eared, or the bottom right. I'll furiously try and smooth them out.

3. I love friends to lovers romance

Few things make me swoon quite like those friends to lovers reads, especially if they're between best friends. I think it adds a beautiful, unspoken layer to the novel. It adds tons of backstory without sacrificing pacing.

4. Greedy, greedy, greedy

If I really love a book or series, I want the physical copy, eBook and the audiobook.

5. She can't sit through 3rd person

I've passed on so, so many books that are written in third person perspective. It almost never holds my attention! I can never get as absorbed in them, and they're always more face value to me. 
The one exception would be J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, aka crack.

Replace sleep with a 3rd person book, and you have:

6. I demand happiness!

I don't mind angst, for the most part. I don't mind being put through emotional hell during a story. I don't mind bawling my eyes out. However, I need their to be a happy ending after all is said and done! No killing off the main characters, no couple splitting up, and absolutely no dead pets.

7. Lazy reviewing and lenient rating 

Ha! I wish. I review maybe 10% of what I read. It's quite pathetic. I chalk it up to being lazy. I also don't tend to review books I've given less than 3.5 stars. Unless I feel very strongly about it, why waste more time on something I didn't enjoy?

 photo 1cb262aba2ddae8344ef67e345484010_zpsfhsqjp1g.gif

8. I'm sorry, what was that again? I was too busy staring at your gorgeous body.

I'm stealing this one from Joyous Read's confession post! I so often read books where other reviewers rave over the deep message and plot, and I'm over here swooning and drooling over Mr. Hunk-a-Lick-It. 

I read this:

And then I hear about the profoundness of the novel:

 photo 45c8f4e396da30ed81c444c766e08edf_zpshmpjbm0k.gif

9. All play and no work

I read for pleasure. I'm not one of those people that will swarm to the latest "it" book that's causing every person that wants to look smarter than they are to read it.

 photo 949e198833515e556064ec99035196df_zpskd4uqoqt.gif

10. Is there something wrong with me?

I do not understand the beard craze. I don't understand the long hair fetish. I don't understand the man bun frenzy. I am the minority here, and I don't get why.

Share your confessions below!

- The Bibliophile Babe


  1. NUMBER 6 AMANDA!!!! Yes! I demand happiness as well. I'm okay with being punched in the face with feels as long as by the end everything works out. It's why I'm taking a break from YA, more and more that genre leaves me with a dead hero or heroine and I can't deal with it.

    Oh and YES to Number 8 too. *drools*

  2. Friends to lovers is one of my favorites! #10 made me laugh so hard!!

  3. I really do love friends to lovers stories. They can definitely add a ton of backstory without having to delve into said backstory. As for long hair on guys - I like it on certain guys! It doesn't work on everyone. I'm also not really into beards.


  4. Love bookmarks, but don't always use them as they are never in my vicinity when I want to use one. WHY? LOL No dogears except on my dogs. ;)

    I'm with you and Jenny on #6! So much this!!

    Um... I don't sometimes mind long hair... it just depends. I don't get the man bun but I did see one guy I didn't mind it on. So, I guess it depends there as well. LOL

  5. Friends to lovers is my favorite! :D I don't get manbuns, either...

  6. This is a great list and I can admit to all of it at times except the dog earing of are killing me..just killing me. I use bookmarks and take the covers off my hard copies while reading so they don't get buggered. *snort*