Friday, March 4, 2016

Cover Lust, No. 15

Smut by Karina Halle - May 9th

What happens when the kink between the pages leads to heat between the sheets?

All Blake Crawford wants is to pass his creative writing course, get his university degree and take over his dad’s ailing family business. What Amanda Newland wants is to graduate at the top of her class, as well as finally finish her novel and prove to her family that writing is a respectful career.

What Blake and Amanda don’t want is to be paired up with each other for their final project but that’s exactly what they both get when they’re forced to collaborate on a writing piece. Since Amanda thinks Blake is a pushy asshole (with a panty-melting smirk and British accent) and Blake thinks Amanda has a stick up her ass (though it’s brilliant ass), they fight tooth and nail until they discover they write well together. They also might find each other really attractive, but that’s neither here nor there.

When their writing project turns out to be a success, the two of them decide to start up a secret partnership together using a pen name, infiltrating the self-publishing market in the lucrative genre of erotica. Naturally, with so much heat and passion between the pages, it’s not long before their dirty words become a dirty reality. Sure, they still fight a lot but at least there’s make-up sex now.

But even as they start to fall hard for each other, will their burgeoning relationship survive if their scandalous secret is exposed or are happily-ever-afters just a work of fiction?

I just love the colors and textures of this one, not to mention the title is perfect. I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy and anything by Karina Halle (and, you know, British accents), so I can't wait for this. My favorite part has to be that it releases in my birth month and the heroine shares my name! 


  1. I love this cover and the sound of this book! I added it to my list earlier this week. Excited for it to release!!

  2. YEAH! I love a book that's not afraid to advertise what it is ;-) Clearly this book was meant for you since the heroine shares your name and it comes out the same month as your birthday!

  3. I do love the cover, and the title is perfect! What a fun summary.

  4. I'm such a sucker for Karina's books-they're so bad, but sooo good lol. I'm still trying to process Donners of the Dead-seriously I don't even know what that was, but it was awesome lol!

  5. This sounds like a fun premise..and the cover is so freakin' cute.

  6. LOVE the cover and the title is amazing :)

  7. Oh come on! British accent?! I'm done for. Lol.